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Avengers Vol 1 363


Avengers Vol 1 363

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Appearing in "A Gathering of Hate"Edit

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Synopsis for "A Gathering of Hate"Edit

The Avengers, along with the captured alternate Vision, make their way to the Gatherers' base of operations in the Andes mountain range. They confront Proctor only to have him destroy the alternate Vision. The Black Knight, influenced by his mind link with Sersi, attacks Cap but is subdued before anyone is hurt. Proctor blames the destruction of the parallel Earths on Sersi. Magdalene learns that Proctor planned to kill the Swordsman and decides to help the Avengers take on Proctor. Unfortunately, Proctor escapes as his base of operations explodes. Meanwhile, Sersi kills a couple of police detectives investigating her about a string of recent murders.

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