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Avengers Vol 1 31


Avengers Vol 1 31

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Quote1 A joker with a tongue like mine can't afford to get mad at what anyone else says! Quote2
-- Hawkeye

Appearing in "Never Bug a Giant!"Edit

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:




  • Avengers Rocket Plane

Synopsis for "Never Bug a Giant!"Edit

Captain America, The Wasp and Hawkeye leave for South America to help Goliath. Meanwhile, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch realise how badly they like being Avengers and hope their powers return soon. Goliath and Prince Rey escape to Prince Rey's rebel hideout. He explains how the Keeper controls a powerful cobalt flame, capable of destroying the world. Goliath realises Prince Rey only wants the flame for his own desires and leaves him. Goliath attacks the Keeper and gets captured. The other Avengers attack and also get captured with the exception of the Wasp. Prince Rey's forces attack the Keeper's, while at the same time, the Wasp frees all the Avengers. Hawkeye smothers the flame with explosive arrows, destroying it. The Avengers free Dr. Anton and leave. It is then revealed that Dr. Anton can do nothing to help Goliath's condition.

  • Captain America was last seen in Tales of Suspense 78.
  • Hawkeye, Wasp, Goliath, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver were all seen in Avengers #30.
  • The Keeper of the Flame and Prince Rey were also seen last issue in Avengers 30.
  • Captain America, Wasp, Hawkeye, Goliath, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver are all seen again next issue in Avengers 32.
  • The Keeper of the Flame and Prince Rey appear again in Marvel Team-Up 26 where they are used as pawns by Tyrannus, who used the power of the eternal flame as the group "They Who Wield Power"

The credits for this story read:

Story: Smilin' Stan Lee

Art: Dazzlin' Don Heck

Inks: Fearless Frank Giacoia

Lettering: Adorable Artie Simek

Bugle Calls: Honest Irving Forbush

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