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Avengers Vol 1 290


Avengers Vol 1 290

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Quote1 The day of the organics is passing, Prince Namor. And in its place will stand -- THE SUPREME ADAPTOID! Quote2
-- Adaptoid

Appearing in "The World According to the Adaptoid!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Hydrobase
  • Black hole in the Andromeda Galaxy



Synopsis for "The World According to the Adaptoid!"Edit

The Adaptoid, with the powers of the Cosmic Cube, gets rid of Kubik and captures the Avengers. The Adaptoid then begins to self-replicate as he prepares to take over the planet. Captain America takes him on one-on-one and the Adaptoid is defeated since it's unable to adapt to Captain America's spirit. Kubik returns and strips the Adaptoid of its cosmic power.

  • The Adaptoid creates a race of Adaptoids.
  • Kubik removes the sliver of its original Cosmic Cube that powered the Adaptoid, destroying the race of Adaptoids and leaving the Adaptoid depowered.

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