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Avengers Vol 1 242


Avengers Vol 1 242

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Appearing in "Easy Come...Easy Go!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Easy Come...Easy Go!"Edit

Avengers Vol 1 242 001
Returning from San Francisco, the Avengers, including the returned Captain America and Thor, are having a party to celebrate Hawkeye's marriage, when the Vision succeeds in restoring his mobility. He then stuns his teammates by revealing that he has detected incursions of a mysterious force of near-infinite power, an imminent crisis requiring that he and the Scarlet Witch rejoin the team. The heroes have barely begun to discuss this possible menace, their new roster, or the Vision's suddenly authoritarian personality, when the unknown energy returns, focused on nearby Central Park. When the Avengers investigate an immense construct therein, however, six of their number pass through a gateway arch and vanish in a blinding flash.

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