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Avengers Vol 1 230


Avengers Vol 1 230

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Quote1 Sorry... No outside influences. It would have changed a lot of things if there had been, wouldn't it? But no, I made my own mistakes... And I have to live with them. Quote2
-- Hank Pym

Appearing in "The Last Farewell!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Last Farewell!"Edit

In the wake of recent events, the Avengers tie up loose ends. The Masters of Evil are jailed, and Hawkeye is exonerated by the state court in regard to Egghead's death. The criminal scientist's remains are cremated, then scattered at sea by Hank Pym and Trish Starr. Then the Avengers assemble for the dual purpose of testing Hank with Stark's cerebral scanner, thus eliminating the possibility that his mental breakdown was caused by outside forces, and formally clearing Hawkeye of causing Egghead's demise. Having spoken in the archer's defense. Hank leaves his Yellowjacket equipment for a possible successor, says his good-byes to the Avengers and to Jan, and departs to start a new civilian career.

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