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Avengers Vol 1 210


Avengers Vol 1 210

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Quote1 Say, shouldn't we say Avengers Dissemble?! Quote2
-- Beast (Hank McCoy)

Appearing in "You Don't Need the Weathermen to Know Which Way the Wind Blows!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "You Don't Need the Weathermen to Know Which Way the Wind Blows!"Edit

The world's weather seems to go berserk, and the Avengers are dispatched to the main trouble spots: the Beast to Buenos Aires, which is beset by snowstorms; the Vision and the Scarlet Witch to Kansas, which is threatened by tornadoes; Wonder Man and the Wasp to Antarctica, which is experiencing a heat wave; and Iron Man and Captain America to London, which is menaced by floods, while Thor remains behind to combat New York's unnatural thunderstorms. Overlooked in the confusion, Jocasta deduces that the world weather-monitoring satellite, Samarobryn, may be connected to the various disasters, and she flies a Quinjet to the orbiting space station. Each of the Avengers is contested by one of a group of hoverdisc-riding armored adversaries called the Weathermen who wield the powers of the natural elements. Jocasta discovers that Samarobryn, which has become sentient, is indeed the guiding intelligence behind the Weathermen, and by forcing it to defend itself against her, she distracts it long enough for the Avengers to defeat their foes. Thor then assaults the satellite with a lightning bolt, erasing its programmed sentience.

  • No letters page is published this issue. It does feature a full page of Bullpen Bulletins.
  • This issue contains an advert for Hostess Fruit Pies featuring the Fantastic Four on a canoeing holiday.

  • No trivia.

See AlsoEdit

  • None.

  • Wikipedia: Nostradamus [1].


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