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Avengers Vol 1 151


Avengers Vol 1 151

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Quote1 .. The Bouncing, Bubbling, Beast, Boychick -- Who's in like Flynn with a great big grin! Quote2
-- Beast

Appearing in "At Last: The Decision!"Edit

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Synopsis for "At Last: The Decision!"Edit

Round the clock news coverage about the Avengers' line-up change continues, gaining the attention of everyone including the Fantastic Four's Thing, Robert Frank, the Champions, and a mysterious foe whom is vowing revenge against the Wasp for spurning his love. As the coverage continues, the Avengers continue to deliberate who will be part of the new roster. Captain America decides to stay with the group along with Iron Man.

When Wanda questions if Hawkeye is going to be with the group, Thor explains that Hawkeye previously decided to leave with the Two-Gun Kid so that the 19th Century hero can get accustomed to 20th Century living. The Vision and Scarlet Witch agree to remain with the group. When it comes to the Wasp and Yellowjacket's turn to answer if they are going to stay, the Wasp agrees to stay with the team, but to her surprise Yellowjacket declines.

When they ask Moondragon if she will join the group, she declines to join due to wanting to explore her birth world some more but tells the other Avengers that they have her as an ally. When they ask the Beast, he glowingly accepts to join the group without question. So does Hellcat, however, Moondragon steps in and tells Hellcat that she has a greater destiny and asks her to join her in training. Hellcat agrees to join as long as she can retain the offer of membership in the Avengers for a later date. Just then Yellowjacket enters the room and confesses that he cannot pass up being a member of the Avengers and agrees to stay on with the group.

With the roster sorted out, Thor, Moondragon, and Hellcat depart and the others address the public as the newest line-up of Avengers. During the press conference nobody notices a giant crate has been delivered to Avengers Mansion until it smashes open revealing Wonder Man, once thought long dead by the Avengers. The weakened Wonder Man then accuses the Vision of stealing his mind, shocking everyone there.

This story is continued next issue....

  • This issue contains a letters page which has a letter printed from Michale Koolia, Jr. and and Apologia about last issue being a reprint. It also announces that Steve Englehart has been replaced as writer by Gerry Conway who was then serving as Editor in Chief. (Steve still insists he was not late getting the last issue in on time.)
  • This issue is reprinted in other comics and books, see references for more info.[1]

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  1. This story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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