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Avengers Vol 1 13


Avengers Vol 1 13

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Quote1 You will follow us to the the name of.. The Avengers! Quote2
-- Thor

Appearing in "The Castle of Count Nefaria!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Castle of Count Nefaria!"Edit

The Avengers prevent the Maggia from commiting another crime. Count Nefaria decides he needs to put the Avengers out of action. As no one knows he is the leader of the Maggia, he holds a party in his castle and invites the Avengers. While they sleep after the party Nefaria makes copies of each of the Avengers who he commands to declare war on the United States. When the real Avengers leave the party they are attacked by the Army. They discover what has happened and pursue and battle Nefaria, getting evidence from him that proves their innocence. However, in the battle, the Wasp is critically injured.

  • Credits:
    • Rather Exceptional Story by: Stan Lee
    • Somewhat Distinctive Art by: Don Heck
    • Fairly Compelling Inking by: Dick Ayers
    • Moderately Clear Lettering by: Artie Simek

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