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Avengers Vol 1 125


Avengers Vol 1 125

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Quote1 Avengers, this day our battle hath dealt the Titan-Lord a sound and satisfying defeat! Quote2
-- Thor

Appearing in "The Power of Babel!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Power of Babel!"Edit

Returning to the US following their battle against the Star Stalker in Vietnam, the Avengers turn Mantis's alleged father, Zodiac's Libra, over to the authorities. At their mansion, they reflect on recent events. Visited by Rick Jones's girlfriend, Lou-Ann Savannah, the girl passes out. The story then recaps the events of Captain Marvel #25-32, summarizing the Avengers' involvement in Captain Marvel's ongoing struggle against Thanos.

Flying into space with the Zodiac's starship and a modified Quinjet, the Avengers defend the Earth against Thanos's invasion force. They manage to destroy the aliens' translation devices, making them unable to effectively communicate and give the Avengers the edge to destroy the entire armada.

Returning to Earth, the Avengers rejoice on the Mansion's rooftop, unsuspecting that Thanos is waiting nearby for his moment to strike...

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