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Avengers Vol 1 120


Avengers Vol 1 120

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Quote1 Overconfidence is thy trademark, it doth seem--and though my trademark be mine enchanted mallet, I much prefer to prove my contention with said finger--or fist! Quote2
-- The Mighty Thor

Appearing in "Death-Stars of the Zodiac!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Death-Stars of the Zodiac!"Edit

Using the imprisoned Gemini's link to his twin brother, the Zodiac crime cartel stages an attack on the Avengers in preparation of their latest attempt at taking over the world: Using a death-star blaster a device that is able to kill every person in New York City that was born under a specific zodiac sign. The Avengers manage to fight off the Zodiac's initial attack on Avengers Mansion, however when they follow the crime cartel to the World Trade Center, where the criminals plan on using their giant death-star blaster, the Avengers are forced to stop fighting when the Zodiac threaten to send Mantis plummeting to her doom... This story is continued next issue.

  • This issue contains a letters page, Avengers Assemble!. Letters are published from Dave Braunstein, Andrew Sigel, and Bryon Williams.

  • Captain America is depicted on the cover of this issue; but he does not appear in this story.

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