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Black Ant, Deadpool, Odinson, Scarlet Witch (possessed by Chthon), Taskmaster, Vision (controlled by an A.I. virus)
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After neutralising many superheroes deemed as threats and driving the remainder underground, Hydra assembled a new team of Avengers to defend the United States from severe threats. The team consisted of Taskmaster, Black Ant, Deadpool, the Superior Octopus, the Scarlet Witch (who had been possessed by Chthon), the Vision (who was being controlled by an A.I. virus created by Arnim Zola), and Odinson (who had been promised the chance to save Jane Foster from the alternate dimension she was banished to, and help in the restoration of Midgard's connection to Asgard in exchange for his aid). One of their first known tasks was neutralising the monster Krigorrath in Denver, Colorado.[1][2][3]

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