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Avengers: X-Sanction Vol 1 1


Avengers: X-Sanction Vol 1 1

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Avengers X-Sanction Vol 1 1
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Quote1 If this is my last war...then I know I've found the only cause worth dying for... Quote2
-- Cable

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Synopsis for "Midnight"Edit

The Avengers are trying to stop the Lethal Legion escape from jail. While they fight, Falcon is shot by Cable and taken to a secret hideout at the pier. Noticing that he's friend was missing from the battle Captain America followed Redwing and found Falcon.

A very sick Cable shoots Captain America and starts fighting with him. Finally, he's able to subdue Rogers and puts him on a inhibitor chair, designed by Magneto during his terrorist days that affects people's heads, and points a gun at his head. He then tells Cap that he promises to kill every single one of the Avengers.

While the fight takes place. it's revealed that Cable didn't die after he let himself be consumed by the techno-organic virus to transport X-Force to the past during the Second Coming event. Instead, he jumped in time to an apocalyptic future were everyone is dead except from Blaquesmith. He tells him that Hope died and hence couldn't save the future. An infuriated Cable, asks him who were the ones that killed his daughter and finds out, the Avengers were responsible. Cable knew that he was about to die from the techno virus and only had 24 hours before his body gave out, so he used his last time jump and traveled to the past to save Hope.

  • This comic paves the way to next year big event Avengers vs. X-Men

    Solicit Synopsis:

• How has Cable been reborn? Where has he been since “Second Coming”? And what dark event has driven him to destroy the Avengers? The answers are just the tip of an iceberg that threatens to smash the Marvel Universe to smithereens! • A crucial new series by the creators behind SUPERMAN/BATMAN and HULK, Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness • THE COUNTDOWN TO 2012’s STATUS QUO-SHATTERING EPIC BEGINS HERE!

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