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Avengers: Infinity Vol 1 4


Avengers: Infinity Vol 1 4

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Appearing in "The Hand of the Infinites!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Infinites (First full appearance)
  • Walkers (Servitors's masters) (Destroyed)
  • Thanos (Mentioned)

Other Characters:




  • Titanian starship

Synopsis for "The Hand of the Infinites!"Edit

Seeing the hand of the Infinites, the heroes realized the impossibility of defeating them. Quasar began trying to contact his mentor/goddaughter Epoch for help but Moondragon advised that he should contact Eternity. With the help of the other heroes, they were able to manifest Eternity and Eternity in trying to stop the Infinites, grasped at the hand of one of the Infinites. The giant hand then captured Eternity and they brought them to the Overspace. There they saw three shadowed figures who are the Infinites who questioned Eternity and the heroes through Eternity.

It appears that the destruction and rearrangement of the planets and stars of the galaxy were being done by the Infinites as a means of making the flow of energy in the universe and multiverse more efficient. However, after realizing that sentient beings were being destroyed as a result of their manipulations, one of the Infinites apparently sacrificed itself in order to bring back life into the galaxy that was previously destroyed by the Infinites.

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