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Modern-Age, Avengers: Infinity Vol 1, Bob Harras/Editor-in-Chief, Sean Chen/Cover Artist, Roger Stern/Writer, Sean Chen/Penciler, Scott Hanna/Inker, Steve Oliff/Colourist, Richard Starkings/Letterer, Troy Peteri/Letterer, Tom Brevoort/Editor, Monica Rambeau (Earth-616)/Appearances, Thor Odinson (Earth-616)/Appearances, Wendell Vaughn (Earth-616)/Appearances, Greer Grant (Earth-616)/Appearances, Eros (Earth-616)/Appearances, Heather Douglas (Earth-616)/Appearances, Frank Rambeau (Earth-616)/Appearances, Edwin Jarvis (Earth-616)/Appearances, Maria Rambeau (Earth-616)/Appearances, Jonathan Hart (Earth-616)/Appearances, Basil Sandhurst (Earth-616)/Appearances, Dirk Garthwaite (Earth-616)/Appearances, Avengers (Earth-616)/Appearances, Steven Rogers (Earth-616)/Appearances, Dane Whitman (Earth-616)/Appearances, Hercules (Earth-616)/Appearances, Janet van Dyne (Earth-616)/Appearances, Anthony Druid (Earth-616)/Appearances, Simon Williams (Earth-616)/Appearances, Wanda Maximoff (Earth-616)/Appearances, Angelica Jones (Earth-616)/Appearances, Genis-Vell (Earth-616)/Appearances, Epoch (Earth-616)/Appearances, Norrin Radd (Earth-616)/Appearances, Beta Ray Bill (Earth-616)/Appearances, Lisa Vaughn (Earth-616)/Appearances, Gayle Vaughn (Earth-616)/Appearances, Gulf of Mexico/Appearances, Deneb-7/Appearances, Avengers Mansion/Appearances, Colorado/Appearances, New Orleans/Appearances, Captain America's Shield/Appearances, Captain America's Uniform/Appearances, Mjolnir/Appearances, Silver Surfer's Surfboard/Appearances, Quantum Bands/Appearances, Avengers Identicard/Appearances, Quinjet/Appearances

Avengers: Infinity Vol 1 1


Avengers: Infinity Vol 1 1

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Appearing in "Lost in the Stars"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




  • Charter boat
  • Quinjet
  • Titanian craft of Starfox

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  • A Dynamic Forces variant with cover by Sean Chen also exists.

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