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The shadowy C.E.O.

Avatarr was a member of an unknown alien species with multi-dimensional vision and hallucinogens for blood. At some point in the 21st century, he took control of the major MegaCorps in America known as Alchemax.[3] As the elusive C.E.O., Avatarr wanted to keep his very existence hidden from the public's eye, primarily working through its Board of Directors, composed by Alchemax several divisions' directors such as Research & Development Director and Vice-President Tyler Stone,[4] ECO Central supervisor Anderthorp Henton,[5] and Public Eye chief Darryl King.[1][6]

Avatarr had Executive Director Anderthorp Henton acting as the public face of Alchemax and as its C.E.O. on several occasions, letting him in charge of the Alchemax Headquarters.[7]

When the super-hero phenomena resurfaced in 2099 for the first time since the Heroic Age, Avatarr arranged to discredit and replace these heroes. Seizing upon the Thorite movement, Avatarr selected test subjects to undergo nano-reconstruction into Asgardian archetypes such as Thor and Heimdall. These false gods would use the religious fervor of the Thorites combined with corporate backing to win the people and eliminate the heroes.[8]

Avatarr's plan failed when Doom, Spider-Man, Punisher, and Ravage defeated his Aesir, killing several and claiming the power of the floating city of Valhalla for themselves. Avatarr taunted the heroes as he departed anyway, showing the Punisher a vision of his own death in the near future.[9]

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Alien appearance

After Doom claimed America by right of revolution, he gathered the heads of the MegaCorps together and forced them to submit to his rule. He also demanded they choose one from their number to be killed. Avatarr was chosen as Doom's sacrificial lamb, and was revealed as an alien during the struggle. Doom eventually killed Avatarr, but not before the alien's hallucinogenic enzymes caused Doom to make a politically disastrous live broadcast of the alien's corpse.[10]

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