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Avalon was a haven for humans and mutants, located in the a temperate zone of Antarctica, away from Apocalypse's violence. It was led by the precognitive mutant Destiny. Her adopted son Cypher provided a field that allowed everybody to understand each other despite speaking different languages.

Avalon's peace was destroyed by the Shadow King who mind-controlled its inhabitants into killing each other. With most people in Avalon slaughtered, Destiny left her home to get revenge on those who had slain her people. Avalon has been abandoned.


Avalon appears to be located where the Savage Land exists in many other realities. However, the plant life is vastly different. While in most realities the Savage Land is a tropical paradise, while Avalon was a mountainous region lush with pine like trees. Further, there does not appear to be any prehistoric life, let alone the various tribes commonly found in the Savage Land.

While the divergence point between Earth-295 and most other realities is in recent history, it would not have had such a massive impact on the regions forma and fauna. The explanation for the radical differences between this region in different realities remain unrevealed.


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