Avadar was a geneticist of the Inhuman species, living four thousand years ago.[1]

During Avadar's days, cloning was forbidden because of the laws of the Inhumans Genetics Council, governing body of the species. However, Avadar convinced the Council to override their law for a reason.[1]

Avadar believed that Inhumans could use a species of sub-human servants to perform all the physical work needed in their city of Attilan. That way, the Inhumans could search for knowledge during all their time.[1]

Avadar was behind the creation of the first Alpha Primitives, who became the servant species. Being asexual, the only way to reproduce them was by cloning them. They worked for three quarters of the daytime, and slept the remaining hours, not needing culture or leisure.[1]

Only recently have the Inhumans begun feeling guilty because of having a slave species, and approved again a law against cloning, but, for four thousand years, Avadar's creations have been useful to his species.

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