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Due to the decrease in anti-mutant sentiment, Jubilee found four exceptional heroes (the high flying Angry Eagle, the ape-like Simian, the stretchable Spanner, and the super-fast Torque) to form her core team, the X-People.[citation needed]

The X-People were a publicly visible team, but Jubilee tended to keep the team out of the affairs of the rest of the superhero teams, likely out of concern for her students' welfare. On at least one occasion Jubilee turned down a call for assistance from the Avengers.[citation needed]

The X-People were briefly put under the sway of Enthralla, and attacked J2 when he arrived to inquire about a possible membership. Eagle specifically acted as point man, being the first to attack Yama, hurling stun daggers at him. The attack was largely ineffective, given J2's near-invulnerability, and when Simain attacked, J2 knocked him into Eagle, stunning them both. The X-People were shocked back into their right minds by a clap-driven wave of cold water from J2, and they proceeded to apprehend Enthralla in Spanner's extended arm.[citation needed]

The X-People contributed to the events of Last Hero Standing, and survived the ordeal without any crippling injuries.[citation needed]

When Nancy Lu's powers began to manifest, the X-People contacted her, and when she finally caved months later, Eagle was there with his team to pick Nancy up as Spider-Girl watched her go.[citation needed]

After the Sisterhood of Evil Mutants began to stalk a mutant girl named Sarah Hingle, Eagle accompanied his team to scope out the hideout the Sisterhood had just abandoned. Later, when Hingle, calling herself Nucleus, went ballistic on Humanity First, the X-People arrived to try to contain her, but none of them was fast enough to penetrate Nucleus's energy bands. After Spider-Girl arrived and talked Hingle down, Magneta triggered Hingle's power remotely somehow, releasing a massive energy burst that flattened Spanner and all those present with her. Paramedics soon arrived to take the X-People, including Angry Eagle, to see medical help.[citation needed]


  • Flight: Angry Eagle is able to fly using the large, bird-like wings on his back.


  • Angry Eagle throws "stun daggers."
  • By the time of the Hingle altercations, it seems Angry Eagle had settled for being simply called "Eagle."

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