Aurora Rabinowitz was a secretary who worked for Mister Greadely at Midnight Publishing. She became the target of affection for hack horror writer Harold H. Harold, though Harold felt that Aurora was rather dim-witted[1]. Regardless, Harold still pined for Aurora'a attention, and even used her as a character in his unpublished novel, The Vampire Conspiracy.

When Harold stumbled across the weakened Dracula, he called Aurora. Having seen stored blood while visiting a boyfriend at the Harvard Hospital, she suggested breaking into the hospital to steal blood for Dracula. Aurora thought Dracula was very cute and when he had regained his strength, he offered to turn her into a vampire. Before she could answer, however, he was kidnapped by Juno[2].

Harold and Aurora followed Juno and arrived at Doctor Sun's lair just in time to see Dracula get killed by Juno. Together with Quincy Harker's group, they were imprisoned by Sun, but managed to escape and alert the authorities[3].

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