The Auctioneer first encountered Alpha Flight when he kidnapped and drugged the Purple Girl (who was controlling Madison Jeffries at the time). Under the influence of drugs, Kara was highly suggestible and under the Auctioneer's complete control. He intended to sell her and Jefferies to the highest bidder as an unstoppable team. Kara was finally able to resist the drugs, but the Auctioneer had prepared for this. He trapped her inside a specially designed sheath which would not allow her to control others and held her mother captive.[1]

Jefferies was now free to use his powers to stop the Auctioneer's auction. Alpha Flight arrived shortly thereafter and helped Jefferies stop the auction. Realizing that he was going to lose, the Auctioneer attempted to take Kara with him, only to have her sheath break just as she ordered him to drop dead. The Auctioneer immediately fell to the ground, possibly believing that he was actually dead, though his heart was still beating.[1]




The Auctioneer had access to advanced technology.

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