Dr. Aubrey Agee was a scientist who founded the Agee Institute for Genetic Studies, a small research facility that made the national news due to a single claim. [1] Agee claimed that he was able to take away mutant genes and depower mutants. [2]

Pyro robbed a bank to raise funds to pay Dr. Agee for his treatment. His powers had went out of control due to the Legacy Virus, and he hoped to get rid of both his powers and the virus. [2]

Joseph watched a television interview of Dr. Agee. Agee claimed that his research had revealed that mutant genes can be countermanded, reconfigured to mirror the genes of normal humans. The Agee Institute and its staff would one day be able to unlock the mutant gene problem entirely. Joseph used his magnetic powers to angrily destroy the television, finding the concept offensive and the world "ghastly". He was tempted to destroy this Manhattan clinic with his own two hands. [3]

Rogue was facing an increasing temptation to touch other people and absorb their memories and powers. After touching Joseph and Wolverine, she feared she was going out of control. She run away from Xavier Mansion to New York City, with the intention of seeing Dr. Agee as a patient and getting rid of her powers. [4] Rogue did contact Dr. Agee in his research facility, introducing herself as "Ms. Smith". [1]

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