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Pre-Inhuman Attilan

50,000 years ago, Attilan, the Island of the Gods, was a technologically advanced city,[3] located in the North Atlantic Ocean.[4]

Phadion and Rhaya were exiled of the island for opposing Kadir, along with Tuk,[3] heir of Attilan and possibly their son.[5]

Inhuman settlement

This section contains material that has since been modified/retconned.

About 7,000 years ago,[6][7] the Inhumans settled on Attilan, founded by their leader King Myran, developing their civilization.[4]

About 2,500 years ago, the Sky-City of the Bird-People, located above Attilan seceded from it.[4]

Modern Years

Moved to Himalayas

With humanity's technological advancement, the Inhumans began to worry their city may be found. After scouting reports by Triton, Black Bolt decided to move the city to a more remote location. [8] With the assistance of Ikaris and the Eternals, Black Bolt located a spot in the Himalayas range where Attilan could rest undiscovered.[9]

Through the manipulations of Maximus, the mad brother of Black Bolt, the rest of the royal family was forced into exile.[10] After living in exile for many years, Black Bolt and the Royal Family returned to the Great Refuge, and forced Maximus to relinquish the throne. In an insane attempt to strike back against humanity, Maximus activated a device called the Atmo-Gun. By reversing the Atmo-Gun's polarity, he generated a null barrier that completely surrounded the Great Refuge, cutting them off from the rest of the humanity forever.[11]

Attilan from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 2 1 0001


The Great Refuge (as it came to be known) came to the attention of world leaders after being discovered by the Fantastic Four. With the Inhumans growing ill from pollution caused by humanity, the city was moved again. This time to the Blue Area of the Moon.[12] The royal family was once again put into exile years later, this time by the Genetics Council after the unlawful birth of Black Bolt and Medusa's son, Ahura.[13] In a scheme involving Morgan le Fey and the Genetics Council, Attilan was shrunk down to bottle-size and transported back to Earth, where it expanded on the site of water-breathing Atlantis, recently raised to the surface.[14]

Black Bolt once again began to fear human involvement in their lives, and orchestrated an elaborate ruse to make it appear as if Attilan was destroyed when in fact it was teleported back into isolation in the Himalayas.[15] Attilan was later stolen by Ronan the Accuser as property of the Kree Empire, and the Inhumans chose to remain in space for a time absent the royal family.[16] Eventually, however, it was re-established on the Blue Area of the Moon, with permission of Uatu the Watcher.[17]

Into Space & Above Hala

Following Black Bolt's capture and an attack on Attilan by Skrulls, a machine developed by Maximus was utilized to send Attilan into space, powered by Black Bolt's words. Once in space, the Inhumans destroyed numerous fleeing Skrull ships before arriving at Hala. There, an assault was launched, leading to Black Bolt being declared ruler of the Kree. Attilan then settled on Hala, hovering above the Kree capitol city.[18]

When Black Bolt learned the secret history of the Inhumans and the Supreme Intelligence's attempted genocide of their people, he and the Inhumans abandoned the Kree.[19] Attilan was moved over New York City,[20] and was destroyed during Thanos' invasion on Earth in the search of his secret Inhuman-descendant son, when Black Bolt unleashed a powerful attack on the Mad Titan and destroyed his home in the process.[21]

New Attilan

The ruins were re-purposed into New Attilan which sits above the Hudson River along the New York/New Jersey border near the Upper New York Bay.[22]


Exiles Vol 1 81 page 09 Attilan

Franklin Richards created an pocket universe for the heroes to flee to after the Onslaught. When they returned, they left a Counter-Earth on the opposite side of the sun, complete with their own version of Attilan.[23]

After the Earth-616 heroes left Counter-Earth, Attilan was taken over by the Thunderbolts.[24]

Alternate Realities

Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610)

Attilan (Earth-1610) from Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 1 0001

Attilan looks more like a beehive in the Ultimate Universe.[25]

Iron Doom (Earth-42777)

Attilan (Earth-42777) from Exiles Vol 1 23 0001

Iron Man ruled the world, and was hell-bent on tracking down the Inhumans and exterminating them from the planet. Black Bolt, along with his Queen, Susan Storm, hid the city from him for a long time below the surface of the ocean, but eventually had to come out of hiding.[26]

2010s Marvel Animated Universe (Earth-12041)


Points of Interest



Retcons and errors

The Inhuman History


The "Afterlife" as depicted in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is the home of the Inhumans on the Earth located in the mountains range of China and is isolated from society and led by Inhuman elders and Jiaying before its collapse during the war with S.H.I.E.L.D., It bears strong similarity to the "The Great refugee" version of Attilan which is also located in the mountains range of China.

  • Attilan has been relocated several times throughout the timeline.

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