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Atrocity was once a member of The Blood, an ancient group dedicated to fighting Zarathos' evil. Eventually he turned his back on the Blood, and chose to worship Zarathos instead, becoming one of the Fallen. Atrocity may be as much as 20,000 years old. At one point, centuries or millenia ago, he fell in love with a South American woman named Xoc, but it ended badly, to Atrocity's eternal regret.[1]

He was killed by Blade in the South American temple of Foundry. Blade killed him with the Justicar, a magic sword.[2]


Atrocity claimed his body was an affront against nature. He was immune to disease and did not age. He could emit heat blasts from his eyes and had some degree of superhuman strength and durability. He could merge his body with different parts of his environment, causing them to explode.

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