The granddaughter of the man who would eventually become the Mad Viking, self proclaimed destroyer of "wussy men" who didn't match up to his macho ideals. She became a victim of his rage after she was about to leave on a date with a man that didn't measure up to the Viking's idea. She was chased into the swamps outside Citrusville. There she witnessed the Viking slaughter shock-rocker Star Spangler and his followers before she was saved by the Man-Thing[1]. She fled and called the police which started a man-hunt for her crazed grandfather.
However, the Viking soon became associated with the Mothers for Decency, who led an angry mob to Citrusville High School to burn text books which they blamed for the state of the world today. While attempting to stop them with Richard Rory, she tried to make her grandfather see sense by trying to make him realize she was a product of his upbringing. In response to this, he killed her. Shortly after he met his own end at the hands of the Man-Thing[2].

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