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Appearing in "Deluge"Edit

Featured Characters:

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Synopsis for "Deluge"Edit

The struggle against the god, Damon, continues to appear futile. Inside the cave, Emuel and Tatia find a space ship, and the body of Lelania.

Meanwhile in England, the Mysterious Girl discovers that Kevin Plunder is also known as Ka-Zar, and she decides to travel to the Savage land.

In the Savage Land, Lelania has taken over Tatia's body. She convinces Damon to cease his rampage, and the two of them then leave for the stars. With their sister now gone, Tongah and Emuel return to their people, biding Ka-Zar farewell.

Appearing in "And If I Be Called Traitor..!"Edit

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Other Characters:

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Synopsis for "And If I Be Called Traitor..!"Edit

Continued from last issue.... Black Panther has a weapon trained on Dr. Doom, however Doom calls his bluff, knowing that the Panther would not lower himself to shoot an unarmed man. Unfortunately for the Panther, Doom really is armed and fells him with an energy blast from his gauntlet, he then has two of his men shackle up the Black Panther while he continues repairing his tunneling device.

Continuing to search for Wakanda's supply of Vibranium, Doom's goals of world domination and slavery begin to disturb his subordinates who believe their leader has gone mad and begin to contemplate trying to stop him. At the same time, the Black Panther tries to break free from his bonds and Dr. Doom continues to dig for the Vibranium causing untold damage to the kingdom of Wakanda above them.

As the Black Panther frees himself, one of Doom's men tries to stop Dr. Doom and is punished. This pause allows the Black Panther to get in front of the mount of Vibranium, threatening to blast it, making the volatile substance explode, destroying them all. Realizing that the Black Panther would rather destroy his entire country than see it enslaved, Dr. Doom considers the match a stalemate and retreats back to Latveria.

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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • Ka-Zar fights for his Savage Land - and for the earth - against a god gone mad! Bonus: the final confrontation between T'Challa and Dr. Doom!

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