Long ago, Asteroth had been imprisoned in a cosmic "hell" dimension. A portal to this dimension was opened by Galactus' Herald Stardust as it attempted to defeat Beta Ray Bill. Asteroth began feeding to increase her power, seeking to destroy the entire universe.[3]

Realizing the danger, both Bill and Stardust fought against Asteroth, but were unable to defeat her. Stardust created a black hole out of desperation. The returning Alpha Ray managed to push both Stardust and Asteroth into the hole.[4]

After arriving at the ruins of Asgard, Bill was again attacked by Asteroth. Having hidden in the Korbinite Meta-Orb, Asteroth now adopted a Korbinite form. Declaring herself Omega Ray, she sought to destroy Bill and find a way to reclaim the power she had lost. Beta Ray Bill used his equivalent of the godblast on Omega Ray, apparently destroying her.[5]


Asteroth possessed vast cosmic powers, the limits of which are unknown. She gained additional power by consuming planets.

She had lost much of her power as Omega Ray.

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