Asteroth was one of the Old Ones, extradimensional beings predating Earth.[3]

She claimed to had been born from the Chaos of creation, and to be "the blood and tears of the Universe".[2]


Long ago, Asteroth was imprisoned in a "cosmic hell" dimension, a celestial domain meant to contain "cosmic demons, beings of hate and destruction",[1] by members of her own race.[6]

Modern days

A portal to this dimension was opened by Galactus' Herald Stardust as it attempted to sent Beta Ray Bill there. Beta Ray Bill was attacked by a being's tentacle from there but managed to escape by cutting the appendage,[1] causing a fragment of Asteroth to remain outside the cosmic hell.[2]

Realizing the danger, Stardust attacked Asteroth, freeing her definitively.[1] She rapidly set her objectives: Consume order and burst chaos and destruction in the galaxy, the universe, and eventually all universes, multiverses and megaverses, for her to control all of it.

As only a fragment of her power had been set free, Asteroth began feeding to increase her power, seeking to destroy the entire universe. They were unable to defeat her. Stardust created a black hole out of desperation, but the attempt was a failure as Asteroth manipulated gravity.[2] Asteroth overpowered Bill and Stardust, and was upon taking Bill's Meta-Orb, when the returning Alpha Ray managed to push both Stardust and Asteroth into the hole.

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Korbinite form as "Omega Ray"

Having hidden in the Korbinite Meta-Orb,[6] Asteroth fed upon most of the Korbinites, adopted a Korbinite form. and declaring herself Omega Ray.[5]

After arriving at the ruins of Asgard, Bill was again attacked by Asteroth.[6] She sought to destroy Bill and find a way to reclaim the power she had lost. Beta Ray Bill used his equivalent of the godblast on Omega Ray, apparently destroying her.[6]


Asteroth somehow returned in her former form.

She attended the Devil's Advocacy meeting where the demons discussed of the threat posed by the Serpent.[7]


Asteroth possessed vast cosmic powers, the limits of which are unknown.

Asteroth can gain additional power by consuming planets, solar systems, galaxies, then the universe.

Asteroth's power is great enough to easily strike down both Stardust and Beta Ray Bill.

She also possessed the ability to manipulate gravity.[2]

She resisted a full blow of Stormbreaker to the face, smiling, but was knocked out by a surprise eye-beam blast from Stardust.

Her arms can seemingly transmit energy on touch, with possibly some special effect on her larger right arm.

After she lost a lot of her power after being almost destroyed, then fed upon the Korbinites, she considered herself the equal of Beta Ray Bill.[6]


She acquired all the knowledge from the Korbinite people by consuming the Korbinite in the Meta-Orb.[6]

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