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Asklepios,[1] also known as Aesculapius[3] or Asclepius,[4] was the son of Olympian God of light Apollo and of Coronis, daughter of King Phlegyas of the Lapiths.[2]

He became a Greek healer[3] and the God of Medicine.[2]

At some point, he sired a son, Machaon.[4]

Trojan War

He served the Greeks during the Trojan War and treated Philoctetes after he was bitten by a snake in Tenedos. Despite Asklepios' skills, the wound remained, along with a violent stench, and Philoctetes was left behind on the island of Lemnos.[3]

Years later, in order to win the Trojan War, Odysseus retrieved Philoctetes who was healed by Asclepius' son Machaon.[4]

At some point, Asklepios started residing in Olympus.[1]

War with Mikaboshi

He was brought to heal Zeus when he was injured in battle against Amatsu-Mikaboshi, but failed to recognize his injuries at first.[1]

He was present when East god Inari came to the Olympians to ask for an alliance.[1]


Asklepios had healing powers.[1]


Asklepios was a skilled healer.[4]

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