Dr. Ashok Sunga was a racketeer that also had a doctorate in an unspecified field who was active during the 1940's. He would send his enemies a "Wand of Death" proclaiming that they were cursed. Strangely enough, the recipient would die with no evidence of the cause of death. In reality, Sunga would super-charge the wrapper of the package the wands came in with a fatal charge of static electricity that would kill the recipient when the package was opened. While law enforcement would spend time focusing on the wands themselves, they would find no other trace of the cause of death. This would lead people to believe that there really was a curse, part of Sunga's plot to avoid legal persecution.

When Assistant District Attorney Carl Burgess would begin investigating the crimes, he would find no means of proving how Ashok was able to kill his victims. In his guise as the Falcon, Burgess would let Sunga know that he was hunting him down. When Ashok would send one of his men to eliminate the Falcon, Sunga would have a "Wand of Death" mailed to him, killing the thug before he could explain how Sunga murdered his victims.

Getting a hunch, the Falcon would continue to trouble Sunga to the point where he would send a package to the Falcon directly. Sure enough, the Falcon would deduce how Sunga was killing his rivals and would confront Sunga at his office. There, the Falcon would surprise Sunga by tossing the package at him, killing him with a lethal electromagnetic shock.[2]


Ashok Sunga often mailed packages that were super-charged with a lethal dose of static electricity that would kill his victims when the package was opened.

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