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Asgard: The Continent

The City of Asgard is the capital of one of the Nine Realms of the same name. It is located in one of the extremes of Asgard.

Asgard on Earth

With Thor's return to Earth after the events of Ragnarok, he also recreated the capital city of Asgard on Earth itself, specifically on a piece of land outside Broxton, a small city west of Oklahoma City that he purchased for a flatbed truck of gold. Using the Odin-Force, Thor raised it up above the ground. It remained floating as Thor went to gather the Asgardians.[3]

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Asgard destroyed


During the Siege of Asgard, its inhabitants battled to defend it against Norman Osborn and his forces.[4] Many were killed in the battle, and in the end it was destroyed by the Void, who sent it crashing down to the ground. In the aftermath, an alliance between the Avengers and Asgardians was made. Tony Stark made plans to rebuild Asgard.[5]

Fear Itself

In order to prepare the Asgardians for the battle against the Serpent, Odin remade the City of Asgard in the realm.[6] When the Serpent was defeated, he banished all others from the realm, remaining there alone with his dead brother. He appointed Idunn, Gaea and Frigga, collectively the All-Mother, to lead the fallen Asgard which was on Earth.[7] The fallen Asgard under the leadership of the All-Mother would be later rebuilt into Asgardia.[8]

Original Sin

By manipulating the Angels from Heven, Loki made available once more the passage from Midgard to Asgard, and found the self-exiled Odin on the now-decrepit City of Asgard.[9]

Alternate Realities

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  • Apparently, Asgard in the past was powered by the cosmic defecation of a "Cosmic Baby" which was summoned by Deadpool by putting together the pieces of a "cosmic puzzle."[10]


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