Arturo Falcone (Earth-616) of District X Vol 1 02 0005

Arturo was a mutant living in District X. Arturo had the power to produce physical manifestations of his current emotional disposition. In his youth, he was young and handsome and happy, and the creatures he hatched were small and beautiful. He married Mrs. Falcone, and the couple had two sons, Matti Falcone and Primo Falcone.[1]

Arturo Falcone (Earth-616) of District X Vol 1 02 0004

However, Arturo's life began to sour. He began to stink, and could only find a job as a garbageman, which he then lost after a fight with colleagues who didn't like the way he smelled. He spiralled into alcoholism, and rather than hatching small and cute creatures, he began hatching rat-like insectoid monsters, in a process that greatly pained him.[1]

He was confirmed de-powered after the events of M-Day.[2]



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