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Quote1 ... People may forget my face, but they seldom forget where they've seen it.... A human head grafted onto the body of a six-hundred pound gorilla! Quote2
-- Arthur Nagan src

Dr. Arthur Nagan was a former surgeon who took the organs from gorillas to use in people. However, his scheme was allegedly thwarted by the gorillas, who somehow transplanted his head onto a gorilla’s body.[1] He was the leader of the Headmen and a former member of the Lethal Legion. Among his "achievements" was transplanting the head of Chondu the mystic onto a variety of unsuitable bodies, including a monstrous body with tentacles and wings [2], as well as transplanting Chondu's brain alone into the head of Nighthawk[3]. He also managed to shrink the Defenders, Nebulon and US President Gerald Ford to miniature size and trap them under a glass bowl so he could study their behavior.[4]

After being bested by Luke Cage in a fight, Nagan developed a particular fixation on taking his revenge upon the Hero for Hire.[5]

Sometime later, Nagan was incarcerated in Prison 42 in the Negative Zone.[6] After the prison was overrun by Blastaar's forces, Nagan sided with the Negative Zone warlord. He then fought alongside Blastaar's forces against an invasion by the Shadow Initiative, whom they were intent in retaking Prison 42. However, the prison fell to the Shadow Initiative, and Nagan was recaptured.[7]

Quiet Room

Headmen (Earth-616), David Angar (Earth-616) and Lester Verde (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol 2 1 001

He battled Spider-Man along with a group of other villains including; Angar the Screamer, Shrunken Bones, Ruby Thursday and Chondu the Mystic. Led by Doctor Bong they planned on conquering the Multiverse by creating a “Cosmic Bong” in the world’s quietest room.[8]

Gorilla-Man later became the King of the Gorilla-Men when he led the Gorilla-Men in his latest plot. During the fight against the U.S.Avengers, Gorilla-Man was subdued by the flying squirrels that were summoned by Squirrel Girl.[9]


Nagan possesses the body of a gorilla, which gives him the strength, agility, speed and reflexes of a gorilla.


Nagan is a brilliant surgeon who can transplant almost any living living tissue or organ into another organism.

Strength level

Nagan can lift about two tons

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