Lefty Donovan was a small-time hood who was employed by Roderick Kingsley to serve as a test subject for the Goblin Formula. Kingsley knew that the Formula had driven Osborn insane and was not about to try it until he had tested it on someone else.

After being tricked into administering the formula, Donovan was put under mind control by Kingsley and forced to fight Spider-Man in the Hobgoblin costume. From a distance, Kingsley carefully monitored Donovan's vital signs and behavior. When Spider-Man overwhelmed and unmasked Donovan, and his brainwashing began to fail, Kingsley acted quickly to protect his identity by programming Donovan's glider to crash, instantly killing him.


Seemingly those of Roderick Kingsley of Earth-616.


Goblin Armor


Goblin Glider


Goblin Weapons, including Pumpkin Bombs

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