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Little is known of the Armageddon Man's early life, not even his real name has been revealed to us. But sometime after entering adulthood his ability to cause natural disasters and control the weather went out of control and the government placed him in suspended animation in fear that his powers could cause a cataclysm. It seem as he had no family that was interested in his well being or perhaps they were paid/killed by the government. It also unknown why mutant organization like the Brotherhood, X-Men or Weapon X had not simply freed him, maybe they too fear his powers. Its unknown how King Bedlam came to find out about the localization and imprisonment of this powerful mutant, all that we truly know is that he banded together several mutants to free him. Believing that upon being unleashed the Armageddon Man would force the government to give in to their demands. When awakened he was completely mindless. As a result of this a device was crafted for use by King Bedlam to give him control of the creatures body and mind. All was going according to plan until X-Force interfered and the device was ruptured, thus making him and his powers go out of control again. In the end X-Force was able to subdue him and return him to hibernation.[1]


The Armageddon Man possessed the power to create natural disasters of almost unlimited power, including storms and earthquakes.


Can not control his powers.

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