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The illegitimate daughter of Alan Fagan, the current Mister Fear, Ariel Tremmore sought vengeance on her father for his absence from her life and the embarrassment that his career had brought to her and her mother.
Shock (Ariel Tremmore) 6

Ariel before the change

When her father was captured after his stint in the short-lived New Enforcers, Tremmore paid another inmate to cut off a piece of Fagan's face. She then had a chemist extract residue of Fagan's fear-inducing chemical from the skin, which was used to synthesize a variant of the chemical, which physically transformed Tremmore and granted her the ability to cause fear and hatred in others.
Shock (Ariel Tremmore) 1

Ariel as Shock

Calling herself Shock, Mistress of Fear, Tremmore embarked on a short-lived criminal career, but was ultimately thwarted when Daredevil re-dosed her with the chemical and returned her to normal. She is presumably still incarcerated.


  • Fear Gas: Shock was able to cause fear and hatred in those around her.

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