A quiet woman with the power of super speed, Black Racer first joined the fourth Serpent Squad, robbing a casino in Las Vegas. Sidewinder took note of this, and invited the Serpent Squad to join his Serpent Society.[1]

They accepted, but were really just a ploy to get Viper into the leadership position of the Society. Black Racer was among the several members to side with Viper and betray their leader Sidewinder. She was ordered by Viper to search all the hospitals in the area for the injured former leader. Locating him in a speeding ambulance, Black Racer tried to abduct Sidewinder, but was defeated by the neophyte heroine Vagabond, who had been assigned to guard him. After Viper abandoned the group, Black Racer continued to serve with the Society under leadership of Cobra.[2]

Black Racer also participated in a race between various super heroes and villains who all possessed the power of super speed, organized by the Elder of the Universe known as the Runner. She was, however, outpaced quite early in the race.[3]

Black Racer disappeared for quite some time, only resurfacing recently alongside the rest of the Serpent Society as they sought to exact their revenge on Diamondback, a former teammate whom they believed had betrayed them.[4]

Black Racer soon appears as a member of Viper's Serpent Society under its new name of Serpent Solutions. She assisted Cottonmouth and Copperhead into attacking Diamondback. When Captain America fought them to help Diamondback, he learned too late that Diamondback has joined up with Serpent Solutions where she knocks him out and brings him to Serpent Solution's base.[5]


Black Racer can run at high speeds, but the terminal velocity that she can reach is not known.

Strength level

Black Racer possesses super-human strength, particularly in her legs.

Black Racer, like Puff Adder has some confusion as to what her ethnicity is, sometimes depicted as Caucasian, others as African-American. Meanwhile, her full name suggests a Middle Eastern descent.

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  • Captain America v.2 #30-31
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