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Area 51 is a secret USAF base located in Groom Lake, Nevada.[2][3] It is believed that in 1947 a ship containing Grey Extraterrestrials, crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. These alien were said to have been taken to Area 51 for study.


At some point the site was closed and new facility dubbed "Area 52" in Utah was created to contain "mysteries of America," including superhuman-related technology.[3]

It used by the Gamma Corps.[4]

Roswell from Avengers Vol 4 10

Tony Stark took the Avengers a military base in Roswell, New Mexico which he wrongly refers to it as Area 51. He purchased it from the US military and used the base to hide the Reality Gem.[5]

Area 51 from Vengeance Vol 1 1

Area 51 also known as Groom Lake, Nevada was also the site where the In-Betweener was held captive before being freed by Miss America on Barnell Bohusk's and Angel Salvadore's intel, and the two of them were targeted in the desert next by Braak'nhüd.[1]

The Dum-Dum Dugan Life-Model Decoy was stored at Area 51. Many years ago he successfully petitioned S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury to create a specialized unit dedicated to the use of paranormal personnel. Dubbed the Howling Commandos in homage to the famed World War II squad, the team set up shop at "Area 13" and began acquiring operatives whose strengths and powers were supernatural, paranormal or extra-terrestrial in nature.[6]Captured beings were given the option to either work as an operative with the Commandos, which came with certain "walking around" privileges, or to be kept in continuous isolated containment at Area 51.[7]

Alternate Realities


In Earth-11052, Nick Fury sent the X-Men to Nevada to rescue mutants whom were being held captive in Area 51. During the operation, Cyclops intentionally left Mystique behind,[8] but she later escaped.[9]


In Earth-58460, photojournalist Michael Ploog spent a year in Nevada trying to get pictures of whatever happens in Area 51. He failed.[10]


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