Poll was conducted from 4/22/10 till 6/28/10
1587 people voted!!!


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Wow! Several of you voted in this poll to determine if the users of this site will go see the Iron Man 2 film. Of the 1587 people that voted in this poll, more than half (52%) of you said you would be the first in line. 38% said they would see it at some point. That left only 10% that were not sure or wouldn't see it at all. The breakdown was 4% unsure if they would see it, a combined 3% would not see it or didn't even see the first film, and 1% of you said this poll didn't apply.

Final analysis of the poll overwhelmingly shows that many of the viewers on our site spent some sort of time or money in the theaters watching this film. 90% of you!!! This seems to have done much better than the last film polls have done on the site. It will be interesting to see the final money made off this film to see, but 90% of the total users who voted is 1428. Take that number and multiply by an average ticket price (2009) of $7.50 and you see that the users on this site spent a total of $10,710. That's just our users! Funny thing is that some of you (even myself) saw it more than once. Marvel did well in the money department for this one though. Marvel, keep 'em rolling!