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Little is known about Dr. Decibel's life before his appearance as one of the members of the criminal Institute of Evil. At one point, he operated on the vocal cords of Lady Lark, a former pop singer, giving her superhuman powers. Often clashing with the heroes of the Squadron Supreme, of which Lewis was a member. Decibel was later subjected to the mind-altering behavior modification device used as part of the Squadron Supreme's "Utopia Program," whereupon he joined the Squadron himself.

When the Squadron member Quagmire was placed in a coma after a battle, his extradimensional ooze manifested uncontrollably, suffocating Dr. Decibel, who was attending him at the time.


None known.


Decibel was a trained surgeon and physician.

Strength level

Decibel possessed the normal physical strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engaged in little regular exercise.


During his criminal career, Decibel wore a head-mounted device capable of transmitting 300 decibels of sonic energy.

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