Quote1 So, hi. I'm Tony Stark. Well, his essence. In essence. Quote2
-- Tony Stark A.I. src

This A.I. of Tony Stark was created by the super-genius inventor himself as a back-up in case his body no longer worked, so his essence could be preserved.[2]

Anthony Stark (Third A.I.) (Earth-616) from Invincible Iron Man Vol 3 1 001

It guarded Tony Stark's lab and confronted Victor von Doom when the reformed villain visited it, failing to stop Doom from donning the Iron Man Armor for himself as part of his attempt to pick up Stark's mantle.[3] Not long after that, a device containing the A.I. Stark was shipped to Riri Williams, a child prodigy who had caught Stark's attention, so the A.I. could serve as a mentor to her.[2]




Seemingly those of Tony Stark.

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