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Quote1 Ludgate! I'm not kowtowing and cuddling up to you bloody colonials any more! My name's Anthony Ludgate! Quote2
-- Doctor Druid src

Early Life

Anthony Ludgate was born and raised in England. He left to further his studies in the United States of America where he attended Harvard University. He earned a MD from Harvard, degree in psychology and became a psychiatrist.[3]

Ancient One

Anthony Ludgate sought to learn the ancient powers of his ancestral Druids. He gave psychology lectures when not studying the occult. Knowing that the Druids kept no written records, he became interested in the Tibetan monks after hearing they had an oral tradition. Thinking that perhaps the secrets had been passed on, or that he could recreate them by learning the methods used by the monks, he sought out a lama who in actuality was the Ancient One.[4]

The Ancient One was more interested in seeking a worthy successor than hearing tales of the Celts. He unlocked Anthony's mystic potential and taught him a number of spells. Anthony left and decided to become Dr. Druid. He briefly assisted some monster hunters that included Makkari against the Deviants. He would be eclipsed by the Ancient One's successor, Doctor Strange soon after.[5]

Early Adventures

In his first recorded adventure as Dr Druid he was hired to investigate a missing ocean linear and discovered “The Lost City of Atlantis” and a race of Atlanteans (though not Homo Mermanus). Here he found the missing ship and hypnotized the entire city into believing that there was no human population on the surface in order to protect humanity and rescue the ship.[6]

He also foiled invasion attempts by a few alien species including, Zamu who was attempting to become governor,[7] an unknown alien race who Druid managed to convince through telepathy that the human race were in fact derricks and too powerful for them to conquer,[8] and Krogg who used matter-transporter technology to steal houses and hold them for ransom to raise money to try and plunder the earth of its resources.[9]

Anthony was fairly successful as a superhero and even became a member of the Avengers. Although Terminatrix manipulated him against the Avengers, he managed to help them defeat her.[citation needed]

He led a group of occult adventurers, the Shock Troop, for a short time.[citation needed]

Doctor Strange pressed Anthony into commanding the Secret Defenders. He had also made a deal for the life of Shadowoman with the demon Slorioth. Eventually he grew tired of leading a team and faked his death after summoning Slorioth.[citation needed]

Druid then spent his days drinking and allowing a number of tenants, who happened to be novice magic users, to rent from an apartment he had gained by hypnotizing the previous owner. One of them uttered an incantation from Druid's books. Hellstorm appeared acting as Satan. Druid tried to save the young man, but was beaten and mocked.[citation needed]

Humiliated, Druid recited forbidden Druidic rituals that been in his mind since he first met the Ancient One. With his powers increased, he sought to bring about destruction and rebirth as the last Druid. [citation needed]

Hellstorm was still unimpressed and sent Nekra to seduce him. She succeeded and eventually betrayed Druid, shooting him with a Breathing Gun, a magical weapon designed to kill other supernatural forces. Hellstorm then ignited Druid's corpse and threw it into the garbage, as he had promised to do earlier.[citation needed]

Druid was briefly revived by the Grim Reaper to battle the Avengers, but regained his senses and helped them defeat the Reaper so his spirit could remain at peace. Druid was completely revived when the Chaos King laid siege on all reality, and the gates of the Underworld opened, allowing any heroes there to escape, such as Shaman, Guardian, Marrina, Vindicator, Thunderbird, Banshee, Druid himself, Deathcry, Captain Marvel, Swordsman, and Yellowjacket.[citation needed]

Doctor Druid later turned up alive when Nighthawk, Tyndall, and Blur were brought to his castle. Doctor Druid revealed to the captives that despite being dead, his soul took on a corporal form when it encountered Weirdworld, and that as long as he remained in the magical realm, he was essentially alive. He furthermore elaborated that Ogeode had built him a massive crystal atop the castle, which amplified his mind control abilities, bringing nearly everyone within this region of Weirdworld under his thrall, though for some reason, possibly related to time travel, Thundra and Tyndall were immune to his grip.[10]


  • Druidic Magic-Druid possessed extensive knowledge of ancient ritual magic practiced by his Celtic ancestors. He was also fluent with Oriental mysticism passed on to him by the Ancient One.
  • Oriental Mysticism powers include voice manipulation (to appear somewhere else) and movement at the "speed of thought."
  • Magic Detection-Druid could innately sense magic
  • Mesmerism/Hypnotism-Druid could control what others see, hear, and do as long as their minds were less adept than his own.
  • Body Control-through yoga like practices Druid could control his body functions to a high degree, such as tightening his muscles to better resist bullets.
  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis- Druid was capable of levitating himself or other objects.
  • Nature Control- Manipulate plants, animals, and the elements with 'all the terrible power' of the Druids.


Anthony has extensive knowledge of the ancient Druids, Celts and astrology. He is a veteran medical doctor and psychiatrist. He is well versed in yogic practices. Druid is also a skilled Judo martial artist and is proficient in staff combat.

Strength level

Normal human male with intensive regular exercise.


Druidic magic is affected by iron.


gold medallion for hypnotism.


Formerly Avenger's Quinjet, Monster Hunter vehicles.

  • The original version of Doctor Druid appeared as Dr. Droom in the inaugural issue of Amazing Adventures in 1961. He appeared in each issue until the comic was re-branded as Amazing Adult Fantasy, making Dr. Droom Marvel's first recurring Silver-Age Characters character. Dr. Droom was a white man who received mystical powers by being physically transformed into an Asian man.
  • When this story was reprinted in 1975, the racial aspect of his origin was edited out, and Dr. Droom was renamed "Dr. Druid," so as to avoid confusion with Dr. Doom.[11]
  • Druid had a condominium in Boston, Massachusetts which appeared contemporary. But upon entrance, visitors viewed that is was replete with arcane artifacts and devices. [12]

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