Anson Dictor was a purchasing agent for the Nazis in the early 1940's. Before America entered the war, he would travel to the United States to legally purchase a new jet engine invented by Don Gorman that could allow aircraft to travel 1000 miles an hour. Gorman's employer Chester Orsen, owner of National Aero, would pressure Gorman into selling. Gorman would refuse, deciding to give his designs to the US government instead.

When Gorman would have his new engines long range flight capabilities tested out in commercial aircrafts, Dictor and Orsen would work together to steal the jets during their maiden flights sending the country into a panic. When Gorman would be assigned to track down the missing planes, Dictor would arrange to have Gorman eliminated. When his hired men would fail to kill Gorman, the pilot would track down the location of the jets. Invading the secret hideout with the US Air Force, Gorman would expose Dictor and Orsen's plot and they would be arrested.[1]

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