Annie Stevenson was a teenaged girl who gained the paranormal ability to create sonic vibrations after the White Event. At some point after gaining her powers, she became a patient at the Clinic for Paranormal Research in Wisconsin. Although she was assigned to a therapy group, Annie left it to join the DDTeens, Scuzz's teenaged gang of paranormals.

Annie was an enthusiastic member of the gang, keen to take part in fights, and flirtatious with both Scuzz and his rival Joel "Mothball" Larson, though Scuzz believed she preferred Larson to him. Annie was very protective of the younger Heather Hannemann and acted like a big sister to her.

When the DDTeens left the Clinic after accidentally alerting a reporter to the existence of paranormals, Annie went with them, and they eventually holed up in the deserted home of Stephanie Harrington, robbing supermarkets to survive. After one such robbery, the gang were chased by police and their car went off the road. Annie was killed in the crash along with Larson, and the rest of the gang went their separate ways, with Scuzz feeling a lot of guilt about Annie's death.


Acoustikinesis: Annie had the paranormal ability to create sonic vibrations, causing deafening effects and shattering objects. She could direct these vibrations as force blasts, or generate them around her entire body. She appeared to be immune to their effects herself.

Strength level

Normal human strength.

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