Anne Norton lived in the town of Sundown, Arizona with her father during the days of the American Frontier. When she was 18 years old she began dating Clay Harder who was becoming a well reputed as a fast draw and a great shot. Soon outlaws came to Sundown to try and make a reputation for themselves by trying to outdraw Harder. After an outlaw named Diego Simms tried his luck while Clay was out with Anne for dinner one night, her father was witness as Clay won the fight. Forbidding his daughter to see a gunfighter, Mr. Norton slapped Clay across the face. Shammed, Clay left town and he eventually became the legendary Two-Gun Kid[1].

Many years later, Sundown was terrorized by the Dalton gang prompting Anne to send out a letter asking the Two-Gun Kid for help. Before he arrive, Anne and her father were harassed by the gang, and local banker Jeff Smith came to her defence but the outlaws just shoved him aside. The Kid soon arrived in town and subdued the Dalton gang. While Anne still harboured feelings for the Kid, her father's long ago recriminations still stuck to him and told her that she shouldn't be a gunfighter, suggesting that she pursue a romance with Jeff Smith before riding out of her life seemingly for good[2].

Anne's subsequent activities are unknown.

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