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Very little is known about Annalee's origin and history, but it is suggested that Annalee's children were early victims of the supervillain known as Scalphunter.[1] Presumably a homeless vagrant, Annalee was one of the first Morlocks when Callisto first organized the group.

Driven mad by the untimely death of her own children, Annalee has attempted to replace them with several failed kidnappings. With the aid of the sociopathic mutant Masque and the morlock Beautiful Dreamer she captured the Power children and attempted to transform them into a surrogate family. Her efforts nearly suceeded, but were thwarted by Katie Power (then known as Energizer) who escaped and contacted the X-Men. After a short battle she was forced to release them.[2] She soon found other children to adopt, namely the mutants Leech and Artie.

Annalee was killed during the Mutant Massacre by the supervillain massacring Marauders.[3]


  • Projectile Empathy: Annalee was a mutant with the power of empathy. Annalee was able to alter the emotional states of others to match her own personal emotions.

Strength level

Annalee possesses the strength of a normal woman her age who engages in no regular exercise

  • Annalee's youngest daughter was mute, but possessed the mutant power to inspire joy in others, her name is unknown. She is now deceased as are all her children.

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