In 1944, Ann Barclay's plane went down in the desert over Egypt. Wandering the desert she unknowingly passed through a seemingly one-way portal into another dimension. There she would soon come to live in the "City of the Mirage" (also known as the Miracle City) a timeless realm where those trapped in this dimension would never age. About a year later, American soldier Kurt "Breeze" Barton, near death from dehydration, would also pass through the portal and would be nursed back to health by Ann. Ann would show Barton around, introducing him to the city's scientist Zanoba. After deducing that magnetism would be the means to get past the barrier and return to Earth, Zanoba would be captured by the evil Mubahn leader of the Demon People. Barton would slay Mubahn and rescue Zanoba. With the device to return home completed, Ann would agree to accompany Barton back to Earth[1].

Upon their return home, they would be shocked to find that 50 years had passed and it was now the year 1995. The world would be in ruins due to ongoing war. They would join Jacques "Frenchie" Reliure's freedom fighters. After Breeze would win the leadership of a tribe of savages, the savages disposed chief would attempt to slay Breeze, however Ann would save his life[2].

When Breeze would set up a fort to start their new civilization. It would come under attack by the evil raider named Sabarr. Following Breeze into battle, both he and Ann would be captured and taken prisoner. Breaking free, they would rejoin the fight and Sabarr would eventually be slain by Breeze. With the battle over, Breeze and Ann would leave to explore more of the Earth[3].

Their current activities are unknown.


Ann is equipped with a rocket belt that allows her personal flight.


She is sometimes armed with a pistol

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