The entity known as Hate-Monger first appeared on a rooftop watching a riot between the reformed Sons of the Serpent, a radical hate group, and a band of demonstrators who were assembled outside the 41st Precinct to protest the clubbing of Carmello Martinez. Martinez, a fifteen-year old boy, was violently beaten by police. The incident was videotaped by an alert bystander and given national media exposure.[1]

The hero team New Warriors attempted to break the riot up and the hero Rage, then a member of the team Avengers, also got involved. Although the New Warriors observed that this was more than just a race riot, they were unaware that Hate-Monger was actually subtly manipulating their actions. [2]

Eventually, other Avengers showed up. Hate-Monger used his ability to read and control emotions to directly affect the battle. When the Sons of the Serpent pulled out in an attempt to cut their losses, Hate-Monger decided that the dance had played itself out and he went home to digest the hate he had consumed.[2]

The two hero teams went their separate ways, but using separate techniques, the groups ended up at the same hideout of the Sons of the Serpent. The Avengers got there first and took out the supremacy group in a suspiciously short period of time. [2]

However, Hate-Monger ambushed them, revealing that he didn't fuel the riot, but rather fed off it. The New Warriors and Rage arrived, freeing the Avengers. Ultimately, the teams decided not to give Hate-Monger the antipathy he desired and, thwarted, Hate-Monger fled into the night, robbed of his power.[2]


Animus has displayed a variety of powers;

  • Metamorphosis
  • Emotional manipulation
  • Emotional enhancement and absorption
  • Flight
  • Enhanced perceptions


Skilled orator, especially in promoting hatred and anger.

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