Quote1 Always satisfying, cleaning house, isn't it? Now then, Elloe Kaifi, highblood traitor of the you prefer incineration or decapitation? Quote2
-- Red King src

Angmo-Asan II, better known as the Red King is the son of Angmo, the Father Emperor of Sakaar, who was the Imperial soldier turned warlord whose exploits united the nations of Imperia during the Wars of Empire and saved the planet from alien invasion during the Spike War. After his father died, Angmo II ascended to the throne and took the name "Red King".

Angmo as the new king is vastly different to his warrior-like father; he was vain and child-like, desired power and glory, and had no morals on how to achieve this. Angmo's father recognized these traits in his son and decided that he posed a threat to the planet and its people if he ever took the throne. The king sends his warbound Shadow, Hiroim the Shamed, to assassinate the prince.

The only thing that saved the princes life was Hiroim's unwillingness to kill a child.


The Red King possesses no known superhuman powers of his own.


Brilliant military strategist and hand-to hand combatant.

Strength level

With the war suit, his strength seems to be around Class 10.


Without the war suit, Angmo possesses the strength of an average being of his species who engages in no physical exercise.


Angmo possesses the original deaths head lead unit which was deactivated by his father. He reactivated them to use as his personal guards. He wields a High-Tech Exoskeleton war suit to increase his physical strength and speed to superhuman levels, later upgrading and equipping it to allow Flight, create energy barriers, shoot fire and missiles.


Large sword in his first confrontation of Hulk. Later using a flaming one in their last confrontation.

Flamethrowers equip in the palms of the war suit and missiles in the arms.

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