Angels are celestial beings that live in the extra-dimensional realm of Heaven. They were created by God with the sole purpose to serve Him. They were charged with protecting mankind from the evils of the universe. However, some of the angels were jealous of the humans and attempted to rebel against their Father lead by Lucifer but they were cast out of heaven to the extra-dimensional realm known as Hell. Over time these fallen angels became Demons. These two factions have been at war for over one million years.[citation needed]

Angel Groups

Powers and Abilities


The appearance of angels are widely varied and many seem able to alter their appearance at will, but most favor beautiful humanoid forms with large, birdlike wings protruding from their shoulder blades. They are immortal and do not age.

Angels, depending on their ranking in the hierarchy of heaven, have varying levels of superhuman capabilities. They have been known to fire bolts of heavenly fire from their hands or summon burning swords at will. They can make themselves invisible to humans, although rare sensitives may still see them.

Many angels can generate illusions and compel humans to obey their will, and some can resurrect the dead by sharing their own divine essence with the deceased.


Warriors, scholars, philosophers

Average Strength level

Varying level of strength


Can be harmed and killed with heavenly made weapons


Habitat: Heaven
Gravity: Earth-like
Atmosphere: Earth-like
Population: Thousands (no exact recorded number)


Type of Government: God (father/creator)
Level of Technology: Beyond humans
Cultural Traits: Servants of God
Representatives: 'Existing Angels:
Afterlife, Agent of Heaven, Armaros, Andy, Angel of Death, Anielle, Arcturus, Armaziel, Azrael, Daniel, Emmael, Ephesus,Esphares, Esther, Ezekeel, Gabriel the Archangel, Gadriel the Archangel, Golden Angel, Lusa Gregor, Hafaza, Jodyquiel, Metatron, Harry Moron, Ruth, Sariel, Sansenoy, Semangol, Senoy, Shemhazai, Spirit of Christmas, Tariel, Thrasher, Todyquiel, Tzadqiel, Uriel the Archangel, Michael the Archangel, Raphael the Archangel, Azazel, Vraniel

Fallen Angels now Demons:
Asmodeus, Beelzebulb, Lilith, Lucifer, Kazann, Malachi, Olivier, Pazuzu, Sammael, Vrabiel, Xaphan, Zadkiel; possibly Ghost of Christmas Past, Baliel, Azazel


  • Angels are a recent addition to the Marvel Universe. Demons have appeared as villains in many titles, the comics had avoided featuring angels or directly mentioning the presence of the Judeo-Christian God until the 1990s.


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