Angelface was basically just a petty crook, who was aided by two henchwomen, Salt and Pepper. While robbing a bank, she ran across a magazine with Liz Osborn, head of Osborn Industries, on the cover. From there, she got the idea of kidnapping Miss Osborn and her son Normie. When the Green Goblin (Phil Urich) arrived to save the day, Angelface retreated with Normie in her arms. After a short fight, Angelface, attempting to shoot the Goblin, accidentally shot a pipe of hot steam, which burst in her face. She was later arrested by police, and the accident she caused scarred the right side of her face.[1]

Before her trial, District Attorney Tower wanted Angelface to undergo a complete psychological evaluation. However, during one of her sessions, she flipped out, and killed the doctor and two security guards, and escaped, to get her revenge on the Green Goblin. She re-teamed with Salt and Pepper, and called several local hoods together to set up an operation to get the Goblin. She also took Phil Urich, who had some sort of connection with the Green Goblin, and Daily Bugle reporters Ken Ellis and Lynn Walsh hostage. Phil managed to escape, and attacked the group as the Green Goblin. Angelface tried to escape, using Lynn Walsh as cover, but failed. As she went to shoot the Goblin again, she accidentially hit some fuel drums, and set off a tremendous explosion.[2]


Angelface has no super-powers, however, she has proven to be a formidable hand-to-hand combat opponent.

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