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Synario's real appearance

A lowly office drone for Bert Gilmore's Gilsoft Games, Angela Bradford designed and built the MVRI, planning to use it to establish her own media empire. Needing some start-up money, Bradford tried to rob a bank, but when a teller hit an alarm, she activated the MVRI, transforming the bank into a dinosaur-filled jungle. When Spider-Man arrived, she fled back to Gilsoft, where Gilmore had enlisted the aid of lawyers Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson to convince his employees to sign a work-for-hire agreement. Leaving the office, she conjured herself a garish costume and a new hairdo, and spotted Spider-Man swinging overhead. Incorrectly assuming he'd followed her from the bank, she conjured up an illusory volcano to distract him. Confronted by Daredevil, who had followed her from Gilsoft, she made the Man Without Fear appear to be a giant menacing "killer-droid". Allowing Spider-Man to "rescue" her, she watched as the web-slinger battled Daredevil. As she watched the heroes overcome the illusion, Bert Gilmore knocked her down and stole the MVRI. Spider-Man eventually recovered the device, after which both Bradford and Gilmore demanded it. Spider-Man took a Solomon-esque approach and smashed it, leaving both claimants to be taken away by the police.[1]


Synario's Mobile Virtual Reality Inducer (MVRI) allows her to project any image she can imagine; she can use this to alter her own appearance and the appearance of others, or to create images out of thin air. Blind people cannot perceive the images, nor do they show up in photographs.


Formerly the MVRI

enemy of Spider-Man

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